Location Based Advertising Services

Increase web traffic and foot traffic with targeted, GPS based advertising

Know where your clients are with GPS advertising

If you’re in need of a digital marketing agency that can help you with GPS advertising, you’re in luck. Charlotte, North Carolina’s Upright Digital Agency can help you initiate new customer relationships in your area with location based advertising. Our experienced digital team will use available device location data to determine your target audience and identify their common behaviors to effectively push digital advertising where it will have the most impact. We’ll track the types of stores your target audience shops in, the restaurants they frequent and more to ensure we’re pushing your business’ message to the right group and increase traffic to your website.

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Unlock the benefits of device GPS

Don’t waste money advertising to the wrong audience, use advanced targeting to target the audience most likely to respond to your messaging. Upright Digital Agency will determine who your target audience is and push advertising efforts to them based on their location. Location based advertising uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to build virtual boundaries around certain locations. Our team will examine your preferred audience’s habits while they are within that parameter and pinpoint their mobile devices. They’ll receive advertisements and banner ads that have been built exclusively for your business, greatly increasing your company’s chances of getting eyes on your website and bringing in traffic. Call Upright Digital Agency to learn more.

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