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Increase your reach and grow your online presence. We excel at search engine marketing and social marketing campaigns. We’ll put your company’s website at the forefront and improve visibility from search engines, drawing more traffic to your page and converting potential consumers. We will also segment your audience and understand exactly how we can target them on all social channels. Our digital marketing team will begin by identifying where your audience spends most of their time on the internet. We’ll buy ad space in the appropriate social media channels and in Google to reach that audience and get you the best return on your investment. Learn more about our process by reaching out to Upright Digital Agency.

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Upright Digital Agency has the knowledge and skill set needed to increase web traffic to your website using PPC management and social media strategies. When you hire us, you’re trusting us to research your audience, determine the best social media and search engine channels to reach them and to push targeted ads their way using these channels. Reach out to us when you are ready to increase your web presence through social media or PPC.


We manage PPC budgeting and keyword groups for you - Don't let PPC cost you more than it should.


We use Facebook ads manager to target your correct audience and ensure you are seeing appropriate return on ad spend


We can also publish on Instagram using their ad manager to push your message to the right people

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