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Whether you hired us to build your original website or you simply need a team of knowledgeable designers on your side for regular maintenance, you can count on Upright Digital Agency to handle the job. We can work within your budget and will tailor our maintenance services to the needs of your site. You can count on our team to assist with basic edit requests, monitor your analytics or simply ensure that your website is running efficiently. All you have to do is pick up the phone and schedule an initial consultation—we’ll take care of the rest and make sure your website is always operating at peak capacity.

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We handle website projects of all types

Don’t want to commit to an entire digital marketing plan? We understand. That’s why Upright Digital Agency takes on single website projects. We can make improvements to underperforming sites and provide website maintenance to sites that could use a refresh. Start by scheduling a consultation and discussing your needs and budget with us. We’ll tailor our needs to yours and always be at your service.


We will monitor your website analytics and traffic to watch for steep drops in performance


We will be on the lookout for ranking penalties, drops in keyword performance and overall search visibility


We can manage basic edit requests to content and add new content as requested to the site


We make sure your website is performing optimally and are always mobile friendly, maintaining strong site speed, etc..

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