A&K Painting

A case study on SEO, Website Design, Location Advertising, and Remarking

About the Project

A&K Painting is a commercial and industrial painting company servicing enterprise level facilities up and down the east coast. A&K wanted to put a higher focus on digital marketing and support their sales team with more leads and visibility to their prospective clients.

Our Approach

Redesigning the website for a more modern look

When we first started with A&K Painting they had a website that was dated and didn’t provide the company with a professional look. We modernized the website by redesigning the home page as well as all of the primary interior pages. We then focused on conversion. We wanted to give every user access to the pages that were most important to them and also give them every opportunity to reach out to the business.

The result was a modern website that increased call to action and a better user flow.


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in average time spent on site

See for Yourself

Before After

A top down approach to SEO

A&K’s site needed quite a bit of work to start performing in search. They needed a stronger technical foundation, a cleanup of the coding on the site, and were lacking many SEO fundamentals. Along with the technical aspects, A&K was needed a focused approach to their search strategy. We were able to address the technical issues and provided a clear roadmap for SEO growth targets.

We are now seeing consistent Year-Over-Year growth in organic traffic for top keywords.


Year Over Year Organic Traffic Increase


Year over year increase in new visitors

Additional Targeted Marketing

A&K Painting wanted to expand their reach and target more industrial clients and facilities. We created a strategy that used location based advertising to target individuals that worked for these organizations. We then delivered these individuals ads for A&K Painting. Once we started seeing these individuals visit the A&K website, we then started remarketing to them to keep the message fresh.

With this targeted approach we were able to see traffic to the site triple through these marketing channels


Year Over Year Traffic Growth


Year over Year Increase in Pages per session

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