Cellular Refresh

A case study on Website Design, E-Commerce, and Local SEO

About the Project

Cellular Refresh is a Phone and Device repair shop that also sold refurbished equipment and provided on-site/Mobile repair services. Cellular Refresh wanted a modern site that matched the advanced technology they work with daily. They also wanted a site that would give them the possibility to sell refurbished equipment online.

Our Approach

A new website with robust features

Cellular refresh not only wanted a website that would showcase a modern/high-tech feel, they also had very specific requirements. We needed to not only incorporate E-Commerce, but also provide the ability to schedule in store and on-site.

The result was a website that utilized modern design practices, incorporated e-commerce, and integrated booking features.

Average Time Spent On-Site

Average Pages Per Session

Local SEO Dominance

Cellular Refresh’s shop was located in a smaller suburb of Charlotte, NC in Fort Mill. We set out to not only make sure they were well positioned in Fort Mill, but also had search visibility in Charlotte.

Cellular Refresh is now seeing searches and traffic originating in Charlotte, NC


Search Visibility


Increase in overall traffic since launch

Additional revenue from E-Commerce

Cellular Refresh needed the ability to cell their line of refurbished equipment on-line. Cellular Refresh had an in-depth product list that needed to be shopped via different colors, storage sizes, and wireless carriers.

We created an entire E-Commerce suite that could be edited, updated, and entirely controlled by the client

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