Crandall Haus

About the Client

Crandall Haus is an interior design firm based in Charlotte, NC. They started their agency using only instagram and word of mouth for marketing and were doing great, but needed to have a website to tell the stories behind their work.

Upright Strategy

When we set out to create this site we needed to keep the integrity of the brand as well as stay close to their original Instagram marketing roots. We also needed to ensure we left the agency owners with the ability to add new projects on their own and update pictures of their work

Our Approach

When we designed the site we wanted to have the “Instagram feel” so we made sure to make the images of their designs the star of the show, and as new work was added, you could scroll through and view a timeline of their projects. We then created individual portfolio pages that allowed Crandall Haus to showcase the story behind their designs.

Upright Services Used:

  • Website Design
  • Branding

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