Evolve Solutions

A case study on Web Design, Video Production, and Display Advertising

About the Project

Evolve Solutions is a national software development company that specializes in mobile workforce applications. Evolve is a robust software suite and we needed to showcase the robust features through a new website and product demo videos.

Our Approach

A new brand and a new website

When we first met Evolve, they had just created a new brand that was a subsidiary of a larger parent organization. We needed to create a new brand presence online for Evolve. We wanted to design a website that was clean, easy to navigate, and clearly showcased the capabilities of the software.

The result was a new website that drove new visitors to check out a product tour and schedule a demo.

Production Videos that Help Sell the Value

Evolve is a powerful tool set that has multiple features, add-ons, and benefits. We utilized video product demos to better showcase the features. These videos worked well on the website, but were also able to be used by sales staff to send directly to potential clients. Upright managed all video recording, script writing, and story boarding of the project.

Evolve now has professionally recorded videos to properly demo their product features.

Targeted audience marketing

After we created the website and videos, we then set out to drive qualified traffic to the site. Evolve’s preferred market is the pest control industry so we developed an audience that would drive traffic to the site
from this channel. We used competitors websites and keyword research to build a mix of display and search marketing tactics.

This method drove impressive traffic growth to the site.

Average Daily Visitors

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